Online Graduation Ceremony for Artificial Intelligence and Career School Graduates at MAKU

Yayın Tarihi | 11 June 2024, Tuesday

Online Diploma Ceremony for Graduates of Artificial Intelligence School and Career School at MAKU and Certificate of Achievement Ceremony for those who received Professional Artificial Intelligence Trainers Training


An online graduation ceremony and a Certificate of Achievement presentation were organized for the students who graduated from the "Artificial Intelligence School and Career School" programs organized by the Career Development Application and Research Center of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) and for the Teaching Staff who received "Professional Artificial Intelligence Trainers Training" by the Digital Transformation Coordination. The ceremony held in the Rectorate Board of Directors Room was attended by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hakan Öner, Rector Advisor Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Alparslan, Career Development Application and Research Center Director Lect. Gökhan Turan, Digital Transformation Coordinator Dr. Lect. Mehmet Bilen and the academics who provided the training. In his speech at the graduation ceremony, Prof. Dr. Hakan Öner emphasized that artificial intelligence courses will be given in all departments and programs in the coming period.


Each of Our Students Will Graduate by Taking Artificial Intelligence Course


Prof. Dr. Hakan Öner, in his speech, said, "As of today, you have completed this program with the efforts of our teachers in the artificial intelligence school and career school at our university and your voluntary participation. You will receive a diploma related to the artificial intelligence school and career school today. Now technology is advancing rapidly. Looking at today's technologies, we need to keep up with these technologies, our students and educators need to use these technologies in education and expand them in their professional fields. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to catch up with technology in some areas. This school is important for both us and your adaptation to these processes after graduation. You will set an example to your colleagues in your environment in your professional life and social life because you have successfully completed this school. What our university has gained you with the artificial intelligence school is very valuable. In the future, you will understand their value better. I wish your diplomas to be beneficial to your profession, you and our country," he said.


Vice Rector Öner stated that the artificial intelligence school and career school programs will continue in the next period, saying, "The purpose of giving such a course this semester was that we did not want any of our students to graduate without taking an artificial intelligence course."


While 94 of the first 100 people who applied to the Artificial Intelligence School received their graduation certificates, 98 out of 100 students from the Career School also received their graduation certificates in digital media. Among those who received their diplomas in this training given to senior students in the Artificial Intelligence School, there were also a 48-year-old interior design department student and a 38-year-old call center department student. These students stated that they will bring their professions to better places by using this technology and how artificial intelligence is used in their professions.


Professional Artificial Intelligence Trainers Training Given by Digital Transformation Coordination


From the next fall semester, the "Artificial Intelligence Applications" course, which is compulsorily added to the curriculum in every department by the Digital Transformation Coordination, was given to a Teaching Staff from each department. The ceremony ended with the sending of digital diplomas to the students and digital Certificates of Achievement to the Teaching Staff.


Students who will be more equipped in the future with the training they received in artificial intelligence and career stated that they will actively use this information in their professional lives. The Rectorate and academics wished success to the graduate students and stated that they aim to have more students benefit from these trainings in the new period.


At the ceremony, Thank You Certificates were also presented to the educators by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hakan Öner.