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MAKU: Rapid Employment with Applied Education

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) in Burdur is pioneering an approach in education with its "working student modeling". This model allows our students to work in real business environments during their education, providing them with valuable work experience before graduation. This practical experience significantly facilitates the job finding process of our students after graduation and prepares them for the business world. Thanks to this applied education approach of our university, reaching an employment rate of over 50% of our graduates is a proof of our education quality and the opportunities we offer to our students. MAKU aims to raise individuals who are equipped with skills needed by the market beyond theoretical knowledge, and who can make a quick transition to the business world with these achievements. This offers a unique advantage for both personal and professional development of our students and makes them strong against future challenges.

In this context, there are applied education programs such as "3 terms school + 1 term industry" in our vocational colleges and "7 terms school + 1 term industry" or "6 terms school + 2 terms industry" in many faculties and our college. These programs help our students reinforce their academic knowledge with sectoral experiences and contribute to their readiness for the business world after graduation.

There is a large animal hospital for our veterinary faculty students and a large farm for all kinds of animal breeding. These facilities are designed to provide our students with practical experience in animal health and breeding. The Faculty of Sports Sciences is located under a stadium with a capacity of 15,000 and houses halls and fields for almost all sports branches. Our university's athlete camp center offers our students the opportunity to interact with professional athletes and coaches and benefit from their experiences.

There is a 5-star hotel serving as a practical training area for our tourism students, and 3 practice kitchens for our culinary students. These facilities allow our students to develop their professional skills in real world conditions. In addition, workshops in many of our faculties are of critical importance for our students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain experience.

MAKU aims to equip its students for future challenges with the importance it attaches to applied education. These extensive and diverse applied education opportunities offered at our university play a significant role in helping our students reach their career goals. Here, our students not only acquire knowledge, but also have the chance to apply this knowledge and become competent to meet the real needs of the business world when they graduate.

Career School
Our expert career advisors guide you through the process of shaping your career choices.

The Career School of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University is a skill-focused program aiming to determine the fields in which students consider making a career, accompanied by psychometric measurements and career counseling, and to develop their competencies in the field of information and communication technologies required by this career field. Professional career counselors serving in the career coordination provide services to students in all stages from career planning to job search process; in the fields of occupational counseling, career planning, career psychological counseling. An official participation or achievement certificate is given for each completed training or activity. A diploma, approved by the Rectorate of MAKU, documenting the entire development process is given to students who successfully complete all trainings and activities. Applications and admissions to all training programs are made through our University's Career Development and Monitoring System (KARGİS).


We discover the most accurate career field with psychometric tests. 

Our expert career counselors guide you in shaping your career preferences. We organize trainings for you to gain 21st century competencies outside your own faculty curriculum. 

"MAKU Library: The Door Opening to the Boundless World of Knowledge"

Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) makes a difference in education with the wide opportunities it offers to its students. Especially our library plays a leading role in access to information with its 24/7 uninterrupted service concept. Our library, located in a wide area of 10 thousand square meters, offers a comfortable working environment for our students and academics with a seating capacity of 1000. Our library, which has a comprehensive collection, has 85 thousand printed books and 300 thousand e-books, thus providing a limitless source diversity in access to information.

Membership transactions can be easily done online, so our students can access the resources quickly and effectively. With our specially designed barrier-free access unit for the visually impaired, we aim to provide equal learning opportunities for everyone.

Individual study rooms, computer labs, and user trainings offered for our students and faculty members support and facilitate research and learning processes. In addition, customized facilities such as drawing tables reserved for our engineering and architecture department students encourage interdisciplinary studies. The possibility of accessing the databases in our library from outside the campus allows our students and faculty members to access information from anywhere.

In addition to these, four separate conference halls and booths suitable for individual and group studies in our library offer our students flexible and diverse working environments. These facilities allow our students to work effectively both individually and in groups.

Special services provided in our library make the study environment more comfortable. Thoughtful touches such as lending polar blankets, offering soup to students who stay up late during exam periods, make our students feel supported and motivated even during intense periods.

MAKU's library, with its rich resources and facilities that support students' academic achievements, inspire them and facilitate their access to information, provides a strong answer to the question of why MAKU. Our students not only study here, but also expand their knowledge and skills by benefiting from comprehensive resources.

"MAKU Plus: Much More Than Just an Ordinary Studentship"

MAKU Plus is a unique development platform offered to students by Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University. This program encourages students' personal and professional development in all areas of life, not just limited to academic success. Students are scored based on the activities they participate in, thus their active involvement in various events throughout their student life is recorded and rewarded. MAKU Plus offers a wide range of experiences from internships that will shape your career, to eye-opening conferences and international education opportunities, making these experiences an integral part of your educational journey.

Another important aspect of the program is that it provides individual feedback and suggestions to students through mentors assigned to the MAKU Plus course offered by academic units. Through the "MAKU Social" software, mentors monitor the progress of students and offer them personal development paths. This mentorship system allows each student to discover and utilize their potential to the fullest.

Students participating in MAKU Plus are recognized as the most valuable students of the university and have various privileges. These privileges include a Plus Identity Card, Plus Study Office, extra points for participation in overseas education programs with Erasmus, free usage rights in gyms, and many more opportunities.

One of the biggest privileges of the program is the provision of an additional transcript signed by our university's Rector, proving that the student has maintained an active and participatory student life. This document gives our graduates more confidence when stepping into professional life.

MAKU Plus is a comprehensive development platform that allows our students to stand out not only with their academic achievements, but also with their valuable experiences in different areas of life. Are you ready to take the plunge into life at Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University with MAKU Plus? Would you like to be the most special students of this university?

PAYMENT: Student-Centered Management and Education Approach at MAKU

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) in Burdur, adopts a student-centered approach, emphasizing excellence and innovation in education, while also drawing attention with the transparency and accessibility of its administration. At MAKU, the ability of students to directly reach the rectorate and for their opinions, suggestions, or concerns to be directly addressed by the senior management is an indicator of the university's transparency and student-centered management approach.

This approach makes students feel valued and listened to. Student notifications are not only recorded, but are also shared with the relevant management levels by the rector and quickly turned into action. This ensures continuous improvement in student satisfaction and quality of education. The high rate of return statistics shows how seriously student feedback is taken and how quickly action is taken to solve problems.


The university's open-door policy for students, the ability to communicate directly with the rector, and the rapid transfer of student feedback to relevant management levels are concrete examples of MAKU's management transparency and accessibility. The high rate of student return statistics shows that student satisfaction is not just a goal, but also one of the university's greatest achievements. This emphasizes that MAKU values each of its students and works for their success by placing the student-centered thought at the center of every decision.

"MAKU PDR Center: Supporting Students' Emotional and Social Well-being"

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) Application and Research Center of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) cares not only about our students' academic achievements but also their emotional and social well-being. University life can be a period full of many challenges and stress. Therefore, MAKU aims to facilitate this process by providing a comprehensive support system for its students.

At our center, individual or group psychological counseling services are offered to all students who volunteer and apply. These services aim to assist our students in issues such as social phobia, exam anxiety, academic procrastination, time management, and interpersonal relationships. In addition, seminars on various topics such as mental health preservation, combating violence, romantic relationships, coping with anger, positive psychology, and substance addiction are organized. These seminars help our students understand themselves better and develop various life skills.

Our center also conducts workshops on supporting mental health and educational seminars for primary, middle, and high school students and parents. These studies aim to contribute to the increase of mental health awareness in the community. Our center, which aims to provide support to our students and the community at life's turning points such as pre-marital psychological counseling and spouse selection, is a reflection of MAKU's student-centered approach.

At MAKU, great importance is given not only to our students' academic and professional development but also to their emotional and social development. These comprehensive services offered by our PCG Application and Research Center are designed to enable our students to lead their university lives in a healthier and more balanced way. Here, our students gain not only a diploma but also the skills to manage life better.

Open Up to the World with MAKU!

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) in Burdur offers its students an international learning experience through the Erasmus and Farabi Exchange Programs, which provide opportunities to study at various universities both domestically and abroad. Within the scope of these programs, students can spend one or two semesters at universities in various European countries, popular destinations such as the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, or at universities in metropolitan cities of Turkey.

During this process, students not only take courses, but also have the chance to explore different academic approaches and establish international academic networks. It also offers personal development opportunities such as cultural interactions, improving language skills, and gaining new perspectives. While aiming to enhance the social and academic competencies of its students with these programs, MAKU also aims to provide a global perspective.

The university is constantly establishing new collaborations and updating existing agreements to support student and faculty mobility. If you want to experience cultural diversity, expand your academic framework, and enhance your competencies as a global student, the exchange programs offered by Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in Burdur could be a valuable step for you. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can develop yourself both academically and personally, and make significant progress on the path to an international career.

Journey to the Colorful World of Sports at MAKU: Push Your Limits, Live Your Dreams!

If you're dreaming of your ideal university life, not just the time spent in classrooms, but also the outdoor activities, social life, and self-improvement opportunities, then Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) is just the place for you. Why? Because MAKU promises its students a unique campus experience, not only with its academic achievements but also with its rich sports infrastructure.

Imagine yourself cheering in a sports match or perhaps sweating on the field in the exciting final minutes of a game. At MAKU, this becomes a reality. You can experience the thrill of national and international competitions at the 14,500-seat Spor Toto MAKU Stadium, and push your own limits in sports on a massive area of 9,885 m².

From football to basketball, volleyball to swimming and athletics, the diversity at MAKU is beyond your dreams. It offers an ideal ground for those who want to specialize in their field with natural grass training fields, synthetic turf fields, multi-purpose sports halls, wrestling and conditioning halls. And if you want to turn to different disciplines, our halls hosting many different activities from martial arts to dance, step aerobics to squash are waiting for you.

MAKU is not limited to physical activities; it believes that mental and physical health are a whole. Therefore, it provides facilities where every student can feel good and lead a healthy life, from recreational fitness and conditioning gyms to semi-Olympic swimming pools.

Your university years should be filled not just with a diploma, but with unforgettable memories, solid friendships, and personal development. At MAKU, every student is given the opportunity to discover and develop their love for sports. Here, you learn not just for your career, but for your life. So, would you like to be a part of this magical campus experience and write the answer to the question "Why MAKU?" with your own story? Come on, start this journey that will shape your future with MAKU!