"PAYMENTS: Student-Centered Management and Education Approach at MAKU"

Yayın Tarihi | 25 May 2024, Saturday

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) offers an innovative education model that prioritizes students' academic and personal development. At the heart of this model is the "Student Support Center (ÖDEMER)". ÖDEMER is a platform that allows students to directly share their opinions, suggestions, and concerns with the senior management. This is a concrete expression of the university's transparent and student-centered management approach.


The open-door policy offered through ÖDEMER allows students to feel valued and know that their ideas are taken into account by the university's management layers. Through this system, student feedback is not only recorded, but also quickly turned into action after being conveyed to the relevant management levels by the rector. This process ensures continuous improvements in student satisfaction and education quality.


High return statistics show how seriously MAKU takes student feedback and takes quick and effective steps towards solving the problems encountered. ÖDEMER offers a first-class support and feedback mechanism for students, as one of the most striking examples of MAKU's management transparency and accessibility.


This dynamic interaction provided by the Student Support Center (ÖDEMER) instills in MAKU the adoption of student satisfaction not only as a goal, but also as the most important indicator of education and management quality. Every decision at MAKU is made with a student-centered mindset, so every student feels valued and plays an active role in their educational journey.


This student-centered approach offered through MAKU and ÖDEMER is an ideal choice if you are looking for a university experience where your voice is heard, your ideas are valued, and all kinds of support are provided for your success. Here, you graduate not only with a diploma, but also as an individual who is valued and supported.