World Migratory Bird Day Awareness Event in Makü

Yayın Tarihi | 13 May 2024, Monday

Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKÜ) Wildlife Conservation, Rehabilitation Application and Research Center, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 6th Regional Directorate, organized a series of events for World Migratory Bird Day. Burdur Gölhisar Lake hosted the event themed "Migratory Birds in Gölhisar", which was attended by Tamer Yılmaz, Head of Hunting and Wildlife Branch of the 6th Regional Directorate, technical staff from the Burdur Branch Directorate, Gölhisar DKMP Chief, bird observer Mustafa Erturhan, and MAKÜ students. The Director of the Center, Dr. Yasemin Özdemir, stated that this year's theme for World Migratory Bird Day, celebrated annually with different themes, was "Protect Insects, Let Birds Live". Özdemir also emphasized the strong relationship between insects and birds, as birds depend on insects to meet their energy needs. Tamer Yılmaz, Head of Hunting and Wildlife Branch of the 6th Regional Directorate, mentioned that insects provide the necessary energy for migratory birds, and emphasized the importance of these high-energy protein sources for migratory birds. He also highlighted that the recent decline in insect populations threatens the survival of birds. Veterinary Faculty and Biology Department students who participated in the event first visited Gölhisar Lake, where they had the chance to observe various bird species such as the common pochard and storks, as well as the white-fronted goose, mallard, red fox, Eurasian spoonbill, grey heron, and squacco heron up close. The event continued with a guided tour of the ancient city of Kibyra, where both the city and the birds in the area were observed. In the final stage of the program, the students visited the Kibyra picnic area in the district to observe the wildlife there.