MAKÜ Students Did Not Forget Their Friends Lost in the Earthquake

Yayın Tarihi | 14 May 2024, Tuesday

Students of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Faculty of Education came together to commemorate their friends who lost their lives in the February 6 earthquake.


Within the scope of the Community Service Practices course, students organized an emotional ceremony to commemorate Fen Bilimleri Öğretmenliği 1st-year student Merve Aslan, 2nd-year student Merve Buse Bastacı, and Sosyal Bilgiler Öğretmenliği 3rd-year student Zelal Durmaz, who lost their lives in the earthquake, with the 'Memorial Forest of Those Who Leave a Mark' tree planting project led by Project Advisor Dr. Gülcan Mıhladız Turhan and Fen Bilimleri Öğretmenliği 2nd-year students.


The emotional ceremony, attended by Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dalgar and his administration, Faculty of Education Dean Prof. Dr. Firdevs Savi Çakar, academic and administrative staff, and many students, took place in a somber atmosphere. Although time has not lessened the pain of the earthquake, the students came together with the power of unity to remember their lost friends. They remembered their friends by sharing photos, bringing their lives and memories back to life. During emotional speeches about their friends, the students supported each other by embracing.


After the ceremony, tree planting for the 'Memorial Forest of Those Who Leave a Mark' took place. Many trees were planted in memory of all students who lost their lives in the February 6 earthquake during their studies at our university, with each tree symbolizing a meaning and the message that life goes on. Following the tree planting, Turkish Red Crescent provided a meal for the students.


Call for Solidarity and Progress from Rector Dalgar


Students of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University continue to come together to alleviate their pain and keep the memory of their lost friends alive by acting together. Such activities not only bring them together in solidarity but also show that they have not forgotten their loved ones. Speaking after the commemoration ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dalgar said, "We have gathered for our students who lost their lives in the devastating February 6 earthquake. Our students, our teacher candidates, have organized a program in their memory and we are creating a memorial forest to keep their memories alive. I thank our students for this program they have carried out in memory of their friends. I believe it is a behavior befitting Mehmet Akif Ersoy University. I extend my condolences to all our citizens we have lost. The Republic of Turkey is a great state, a state that knows how to come together in difficult times. We have overcome all difficult times in this way. We are trying to overcome the February 6 earthquake in the same way. We must work harder than ever. We need to worry more, produce more, and work more for our country."