Social Facilities

Yayın Tarihi | 22 April 2024, Monday

Lavender Hill Hotel

Lavanta Tepesi Hotel is the only 5-star accommodation and sports complex within a university in our country. Located in the enchanting nature of MAKU Istiklal Campus, overlooking Burdur Lake and lavender gardens, this unique hotel offers modern facilities for both our guests visiting the region and more than 50 sports branches.

Our hotel promises a peaceful accommodation experience in the heart of nature with its 37,848 m² open and 16,102 m² indoor areas, away from the noise of city life. It offers easy access for national and international visitors, being 37 km from Suleyman Demirel Airport and 122 km from Antalya Airport.

Lavanta Tepesi Hotel, which has a total of 114 rooms, is designed to meet all kinds of needs of our guests with 100 standard rooms, 12 family rooms and 2 specially designed suites. Our rooms offer an unforgettable accommodation with their spacious, airy and stylish designs, accompanied by nature and Burdur Lake view.

While selected flavors from Turkish and world cuisine are served with a la carte service at the Terrace Restaurant, a pleasant cafe environment is provided for the MAKU family and visitors at the Medusa Cafe. Our distinctive meeting rooms host dozens of conferences and events each year, and our 1000-person outdoor area and 700-person capacity gala hall are ideal for special organizations such as weddings, engagements and birthdays.

Lavanta Tepesi Hotel is not just a hotel; it is a 5-star life center intertwined with science, sports and nature.

Lavender Hill Salda Hotel

Located in Yeşilova district of Burdur, Lavanta Tepesi Hotel Salda, which is situated right next to Salda Lake, known as the Maldives of Turkey, offers a peaceful holiday experience intertwined with nature. This special hotel, which hosts its guests with the slogan "A Peaceful Holiday Next to Salda Lake", promises unforgettable moments accompanied by unique nature views.

Lavanta Tepesi Hotel Salda welcomes its guests with a total of 58 rooms, including 54 standard rooms, 2 interconnecting family rooms and 2 suites. Each room is ideal for those who want to relax and unwind with its modern and comfortable design.

Our hotel, located 70 km from Burdur city center, 2 km from Yeşilova center, is also positioned 90 km from Denizli city center, 50 km from Denizli Airport, 95 km from Isparta Airport, 145 km from Antalya city center and 170 km from Antalya Airport. Located at an altitude of 1150 meters, on a wide area of 1351 km², our hotel serves tourists visiting the region for both cultural and nature tourism and guests with organization requests.

Lavanta Tepesi Hotel Salda, by increasing the tourism demand to the region, opens its doors to everyone who wants to discover the enchanting beauties of Salda Lake, hosting both individual visitors and group organizations.

Stonehouse Mansion

Located in the historical texture of Burdur city center, Taş Oda Gastronomy Kitchen offers a unique food and beverage experience in the Taş Oda Mansion, which dazzles with its authentic Ottoman civil architecture dating back to the 17th century. This historic mansion, built by Emin Bey, one of the leaders of the Kınalı Tribe, has undergone a comprehensive restoration process initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1978 and completed in 1988. The Taş Oda Mansion, which was transferred to Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in 2013, is now operating publicly within the Lavanta Tepesi Hotel.


Our restaurant offers the finest examples of local flavors to its guests with its rich menu served at every meal. Special breakfasts and meal organizations held at the Taş Oda Gastronomy Kitchen offer unforgettable moments in an artistic atmosphere adorned with authentic decorations. Taş Oda, an ideal stop for anyone who wants to discover the local flavors of Burdur and spend time in a historical place, offers a unique experience by blending traditional and modern.

Book Coffee

Located in the heart of the campus, Book & Coffee, named after its rich library containing the works of many famous local and foreign authors and its delicious coffee presentations, is an indispensable meeting point for MAKU members. It offers a pleasant break with its rich coffee varieties and menus accompanied by a campus view for our students and staff.

In the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Practice Kitchen located on the lower floor of the cafeteria, there are practical kitchen lessons conducted by the students of the Tourism Management and Hotel Management Vocational School and the Burdur Food Agriculture and Livestock Vocational School Culinary Program. These lessons bring the flavors prepared by the students inspired by local and world cuisines to the menu of Book & Coffee on certain days of the week. These special dishes made by the students are evaluated by the customers through a software, directly affecting the students' practice grades.

Book & Coffee offers both knowledge and taste pleasure to its visitors with its delicious coffees and menu enriched with student works. We invite everyone to experience this unique blend of education and gastronomy.

Sports Facilities

The rich sports facilities located on the MAKU campus offer a unique sports campus appearance in Turkey. These facilities provide a wide range of sports opportunities for athletes and MAKU members, including indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor sports areas cover an area of 47,000 m², offering training fields suitable for various sports such as football, rugby, road cycling, mountain biking, athletics, cross, orienteering, while the 41,824 m² indoor sports areas support activities such as futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, badminton, table tennis, martial arts, gymnastics, archery, squash, and darts.

In addition, there are special facilities such as a fitness room, Pilates room, and two semi-Olympic swimming pools with five lanes each. Our table tennis and multi-purpose sports halls host national and international organizations, while our athletics track and squash halls provide services at international standards. The grass fields and MAKU Sports Toto Stadium provide opportunities for national and international football and rugby matches.

These facilities support the studies carried out by MAKU in the field of sports sciences and athlete training, and provide opportunities for the implementation of athlete training and health programs. This diversity and quality allow MAKU to take a leading role in sports and education.